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ExtraVAFrench | Journey To The Edge Of Sound with ZOOLOOK

ExtraVAFrench | Journey To The Edge Of Sound with ZOOLOOK - STONEFRENGE: Black in Space

ZOOLOOK – ExtraVAFrench

Journey To The Edge Of Sound With ZOOLOOK

In the vast cosmos of modern music, where constellations of genres mingle in a dazzling nebula, ZOOLOOK, the sound craftsman, offers us with STONEFRENGE: Black in Space a journey that defies the laws of musical gravity. This project, which spans three years of meticulous creation, is much more than an album; it’s a spatial dub odyssey, an artistic quest where each note plays with the brilliance of the stars.




ZOOLOOK, the sole master on board this interstellar expedition, handles bass and keyboards, sculpting soundscapes where each melody carries within it the light of distant galaxies. It is in his San Francisco studio that our composer brought this cosmic ballet to life, where influences from Pink Floyd to Boards of Canada meet in an ethereal and daring dance.

The heart of this album beats to the rhythm of the pulsars of creativity. Each track is a world to discover, from the deep rhythms of “History” to the celestial harmonies of “Incandescent”. ZOOLOOK does not just create music, it invites us to explore the infinite, to a melodic introspection where space and time merge into a harmonious continuum.

The album STONEFRENGE: Black in Space presents itself as a symphony of contrasts, playing between shadow and light, past and future, the tangible and the abstract. It is a reflection on our place in the universe, a meditation on interstellar solitude and the invisible connections that weave the fabric of our cosmic existence.

The videos that accompany each piece enrich this experience, transforming listening into a real audiovisual spectacle. These creations are not simple clips; they are a visual reflection of the music, each image amplifying the emotional resonance of the sounds.

With STONEFRENGE: Black in Space , ZOOLOOK does not just offer an album, it offers an immersive experience, a journey through sonic and visual dimensions. It is an invitation to lose and find one’s way through the twists and turns of the imagination, to discover unexplored territories of the contemporary musical landscape.

This project is therefore a map of the sky, a guide through the musical constellations that shape our listening and enrich our vision of the world. STONEFRENGE: Black in Space is not just to listen to, it is a work to experience, feel and explore, a testament to the timeless power of art that, like the stars, continues to shine long after the last note sounded.

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