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Tunesaround | ZOOLOOK unveils new album ‘Stonefrenge: Black in Space’

ZOOLOOK | Tunesaround - ZOOLOOK unveils new album Stonefrenge: Black in Space

ZOOLOOK – Tunesaround

ZOOLOOK unveils new album ‘Stonefrenge: Black in Space’

ZOOLOOK’s latest album “Stonefrenge: Black in Space” is a unique blend of musical genres that showcase his creativity as a multidisciplinary artist.

The album, a dub space opera, is the result of a three-year project that has culminated in a captivating sonic experience. Through a fusion of funk, jazz, hip-hop, dub, and reggae, ZOOLOOK has created a sound that pushes the boundaries of traditional music genres.

Not only is ZOOLOOK a talented musician who plays bass guitar and keyboards, but he is also an accomplished filmmaker. He has released a short film titled “STONEFRENGE: The Fourth Kind” alongside his film partner Leslie Alarcon. Additionally, ZOOLOOK is currently working on animated music videos for each track from the album.

Recorded in ZOOLOOK’s San Francisco-based studio, “Stonefrenge: Black in Space” is a testament to his dedication to producing immersive and boundary-pushing music. With tracks that have been featured on BBC 6 Radio and other global platforms, ZOOLOOK’s musical journey is one that promises something for everyone.



STONEFRENGE: Black in Space

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