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EKM | ZOOLOOK drops debut Dub album ‘Stonefrenge: Black in Space’

ZOOLOOK | EKM - ZOOLOOK drops debut Dub album “Stonefrenge: Black in Space”


ZOOLOOK drops debut Dub album “Stonefrenge: Black in Space”

ZOOLOOK brings a chill blend of Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Dub, and Reggae flavors on his space opera project Stonefrenge Black in Space.

ZOOLOOK – Stonefrenge: Black in Space is the debut release from the self-proclaimed “rebel with a cause”, and it certainly achieves his overarching goal of wanting to “push the boundaries of [his] creative work”. This nine-track album contains flavors of Funk, Jazz, Dub, Reggae and Hip-Hop, blending them expertly together to create what the artist himself has labelled “a dub space opera”. Intrigued? You’re right to be.



STONEFRENGE: Black in Space

The highlights on this record are numerous, although one of the most significant is the opener Soul Rebel, which brings the chilled out vibes from the outset. A relaxed dub beat mingles with calming but soulful vocal samples, whilst gently rhythmic guitars and atmospheric synths lend the whole thing a cosmic feel. One of the two title tracks follows, continuing the theme of ZOOLOOK – Stonefrenge: Black in Space’s opener whilst moving the sound forward with the addition of deeper grooves and lilting brass. Elsewhere on the album, the focus is brought back to the more electronic elements of ZOOLOOK’s sound. The second title track Black In Space for instance, uses simple synth melodies to give the impression that you’re listening to the bleeps emanating from the console of a rocket ship, thereby emphasizing the album’s overarching theme of travelling through the cosmos. The penultimate track HAL-LE, meanwhile, picks up the pace by melding funky electronic grooves with dub-like, echo-laden vocal sounds. The album’s closer Rockers finishes off proceedings by bringing them full circle, reminding listeners of Soul Rebel’s chilled-out feel, but adding a few synth hits here and there to encapsulate the other primary focus of the album’s sound too.

All in all, ZOOLOOK – Stonefrenge: Black in Space is an impressive debut. It shows that the artist is not only hugely creative in his ability to create an overarching concept for an album without the inclusion of any story-telling lyrics, but also that he is unafraid of experimenting with the fresh sounds that come with blending genres together.

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