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Punk Head | ZOOLOOK on the Making of ‘STONEFRENGE: Black in Space’

ZOOLOOK | Punk Head - ZOOLOOK on the Making of ‘STONEFRENGE: Black in Space’

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ZOOLOOK On the Making Of ‘STONEFRENGE: Black in Space’

How did you come up with the theme?

STONEFRENGE has been a secret idea in my head since I was introduced to Flash Animation as a lead graphic designer at an ad agency. In July 2001, I created and produced FlashTV, a platform before social media where independent animators and storytellers could share their animated stories and music videos online. I didn’t know it then, but I was laying the foundation for STONEFRENGE. In November 2003, I launched, the biggest flash storytelling competition in the world, and introduced the Cavedudez, inhabitants of a faraway planet that would become STONEFRENGE. You can say the rest is history.

My love for sci-fi movies and music inspired me to create my world and universe where the arts thrived and struggled, and everyone lived by the golden rule.

Were there any challenges or obstacles you faced while creating ‘STONEFRENGE: Black in Space?’

Time was my only challenge. While working on my debut album, I pursued my film degree at CCSF, which split my creative time in half, producing music for the album while making films for different assignments. It all worked out in the end though, with the title track from my album being featured in my first short film, STONEFRENGE: The Fourth Kind.

Which track(s) from ‘STONEFRENGE: Black in Space’ do you think best represents your artistic vision?

“Soul Rebel,” “Natural High,” “Rockers,” and “Black in Space” definitely represent the sound I want to create and share with my fans! “We Come in Peace (And Love)” also speaks volumes about my concept of producing music. I don’t like to do things that have already been done, and I’m not too fond of cookie-cutter formats or following the norms of any art. Art is what we make it to be.

How would you describe your musical style or genre?

My musical style is a fusion of various genres, including funk, dub, reggae, electronic, world music, and experimental sounds. Fusing these genres influences my music and helps create a captivating and immersive experience for my fans. These genres also contribute to the groovy rhythms, infectious basslines, and laid-back vibes that you’ll find in my compositions, which adds a flavorful touch to my eclectic sound.

My music is a sonic journey that invites you to groove along and immerse yourself in my unique musical universe.

How do you continuously grow and evolve as an artist?

I am a multidisciplinary artist and musician, so I constantly produce art in its many forms, whether music, animation, or comic books for films. Each discipline feeds off the other like a cohesive ecosystem, which has become my creative universe. Animation, Comics, Films, and Music give my life meaning!

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