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1111CR3W | ZOOLOOK Unveils “STONEFRENGE: Black in Space” – A Dub Space Opera

ZOOLOOK | 1111CR3W - ZOOLOOK Unveils "STONEFRENGE: Black in Space" – A Dub Space Opera


ZOOLOOK Unveils “STONEFRENGE: Black in Space” – A Dub Space Opera

In the vast expanse of music that spans genres and defies conventional boundaries, ZOOLOOK emerges as a visionary with his latest creation, “STONEFRENGE: Black in Space.” This ambitious project, meticulously crafted over three years in his San Francisco-based studio, marks a significant milestone in the career of the self-taught multi-instrumentalist and artist.

ZOOLOOK, known for his prowess on bass guitar and keyboards, embarked on a journey to meld diverse musical influences into a cohesive narrative. His sound, a fusion of funk, jazz, hip-hop, dub, and reggae, serves as the foundation for this dub space opera. Each track within the album not only stands as a testament to his musical versatility but also contributes to a larger sci-fi universe that ZOOLOOK has meticulously crafted.

Beyond the music, ZOOLOOK extends his creative reach into film, design, and animation, enriching the narrative of “STONEFRENGE: Black in Space.” Collaborating with partner Leslie Alarcon, he has produced animated music videos and a compelling short film titled “STONEFRENGE: The Fourth Kind,” enriching the auditory experience with visual storytelling.

During production, ZOOLOOK collaborated with Dubmatix, renowned for his mastery in dub music, who contributed to mixing and mastering the initial six tracks of “STONEFRENGE: Black in Space.” This collaboration underscores ZOOLOOK’s commitment to refining his sound while staying true to the roots of dub music.

In his own words, ZOOLOOK reflects on his creation: “My goodness. You certainly cannot say that ZOOLOOK does things by halves. Not only has this multi-talented artist created an album filled with his signature fusing of genres and styles, coupled with evocative arrangements and top-notch engineering, but ZOOLOOK then tops it off with some brilliant graphic art and visuals to boot. If ZOOLOOK was planning on conquering the world of the arts – then he’s well on his way to doing it. Sublime.”

“STONEFRENGE: Black in Space” transcends the traditional confines of music, offering listeners and viewers alike a chance to immerse themselves in a universe where sound and visuals converge to tell a captivating story. For ZOOLOOK, this project represents not just an album, but a testament to the boundless possibilities of artistic expression in the digital age.

As ZOOLOOK continues to push the boundaries of his creativity, “STONEFRENGE: Black in Space” stands as a testament to his dedication and innovation in the realm of music and multimedia storytelling.

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