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Mesmerized | Holistic Creative ZOOLOOK Shares ‘STONEFRENGE: Black in Space’

ZOOLOOK | Mesmerized - Holistic Creative ZOOLOOK Shares ‘STONEFRENGE: Black in Space’


Holistic Creative ZOOLOOK Shares ‘STONEFRENGE: Black in Space’

Being a busy music publication, we typically come across two types of artists; the ones who try to fit a certain ‘industry standard’, aiming for commercial success, and the ones who follow their own creativity whenever it takes them, sharing pure, unfiltered artistry with anyone willing to dive into their eclectic universe. ZOOLOOK belongs to the latter category, fully embodying the idea of multidisciplinary creativity.

Proficient in music, animation and visuals, the San-Francisco-based talent now unveils the result of three years of hard work, ‘STONEFRENGE: Black in Space’. Described by its author as a ‘dub space opera’, the record is a strong instrumental offering, delving into long and hypnotising laidback grooves, ethereal soundscapes, and mangled vocal samples. Almost hypnotising, the album maintains a certain elegance and softness in its sound design choices.

Self-produced by ZOOLOOK, ‘STONEFRENGE: Black in Space’ evolves over nine electronic tracks, truly wrapping the listeners in cathartic and mystical energy – pure abstraction, if you will. What’s more, ‘STONEFRENGE: Black in Space’ is complemented by a series of visual and animated efforts (see below).



STONEFRENGE: Black in Space

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