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PopHits.News | Rhythmic Innovation: ZOOLOOK’s Genre-Defying Grooves Have Arrived

ZOOLOOK | PopHits - Rhythmic Innovation: ZOOLOOK’s Genre-Defying Grooves Have Arrived


Rhythmic Innovation: ZOOLOOK’s Genre-Defying Grooves Have Arrived

ZOOLOOK, the self-taught multi-instrumentalist, has spun the bass guitar and keyboards into an aural euphoria that transcends the auditory experience. The dub and reggae roots converge with lofi hip-hop beats and funk on this album, demonstrating a groove that resonates with the soul.

In an era where the music scene teems with an eclectic array of sounds, ZOOLOOK emerges as the alchemist of the independent music world. His latest work, “Stonefrenge: Black in Space,” is more than an album—it’s a galactic odyssey lacing together the fibers of electronic and reggae genres into an innovative tapestry.

Like the enigmatic maestros of our time—think Daft Punk and Bob Marley—ZOOLOOK wields his San Francisco Studio like a wizard’s lair, concocting beats that are guaranteed to be the new bangers of the US Culture soundscape.

His music embodies Chillout vibes and the pulsating rhythms of Dance, inviting listeners to embark on a journey guided by male vocals with a sprinkling of euphoric female vocals tying the celestial theme together. You can listen to our full Instrumental playlist and groove playlist which contains the artist’s music, and know more about the artist by scrolling down the page.




The conception of “Stonefrenge: Black in Space” is the fruit of a meticulous three-year labour, exploring the depths of downtempo and electronic realms whilst maintaining the integrity of instrumentals so essential to the reggae movement.

Collaborating with Dubmatix for the mixing and mastering, ZOOLOOK ensures that every track offers a genre-bending inflexion not heard in North American Culture before.

His music is a distinct signature of artistic vision, “an audacious leap into the experimental unknown, masterfully blurring lines to create a universe that defies gravity and expectations alike,” as praised by a PopHits.Co‘s music curator.

This offering from ZOOLOOK is not just an auditory delight but also a visual one, with animated music videos and a short film “STONEFRENGE: The Fourth Kind” revealing the multidimensional aspects of his Leftfield artistry.

The project interlaces music with the storytelling prowess of film and animations, spearheaded in collaboration with Leslie Alarcon, tailored to be a uniquely immersive experience for the global audience.

ZOOLOOK beckons you to immerse yourself in his crafted world where electronic and reggae interplay seamlessly with elements of lofi pop, creating a distinct journey for each listener. The venture into the Stonefrenge universe is an invitation into an experience where sights and sounds coalesce into a symphonic chillout, emblematic of the new wave of Instrumental reggae-fusion.

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