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The Music Asylum | Zoolook – Stonefrenge: Black In Space Album Review

ZOOLOOK® | The Music Asylum | Zoolook – Stonefrenge: Black In Space Album Review

The Music Asylum

Zoolook – Stonefrenge: Black In Space Album Review

“Zoolook’s brand-new album, “Stonefrenge: Black In Space” is out now and I cannot wait to share it with you all!

But before we get onto the album, let’s have a little look at who Zoolook is. Zoolook is multidisciplinary artist and musician who is fairly new to the music industry. Focusing on reggae, funk and hip-hop, I can assure you will find his music to be one that is intriguing and amazing.

Anyways, back to the album. “Stonefrenge” consists of nine different tracks (all of them which are amazing may I add). And kicking it off we have “Soul Rebel”.

“Soul Rebel” is a unique track that starts off with an interesting beat. This beat is one that is catchy and contagious, and honestly just makes you want to move your body. Being an instrumental we can really enjoy the music, and this is the perfect track to do so.

Next up we have the title track, “Stonefrenge”. This one is quite a lengthy track, however it could possibly be one the best on there! The musical side to this one is just brilliant, and the vibrant sounds are one that is uplifting and amazing.”



The Music Asylum

“One track that really caught my attention was, “Black In Space”. This one is incredible for many reasons, however the main one being how Zoolook manages to make a song feel like we are in another dimension, and outer space. This track also includes some spoken word vocals, and this just makes the song super interesting.

And finally, to close the collection we have, “Rockers”. This is, of course, another fantastic tune. This one is also catchy, intriguing, and just brilliant, like the rest of them. This is the perfect ending to a perfect album, as we are left on a high with an upbeat tune. There are in fact vocals in this one, and there is no denying that they are amazing!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Spotify and give Zoolook’s fantastic new album a listen to now!”

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