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HYPERSPACE: Best Discoveries of the Week – Episode Eighty-Nine

ZOOLOOK | Space Sour - HYPERSPACE: Best Discoveries of the Week – Episode Eighty-Nine

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HYPERSPACE: Best Discoveries of the Week – Episode Eighty-Nine

Get ready to blast off into the stratosphere with ZOOLOOK‘s latest masterpiece “Stonefrenge: Black in Space”. This album is a three-year labor of love from the multi-talented, self-taught musician and visual artist who seamlessly blends dub, reggae, funk, jazz, and hip-hop into a space opera that’s out of this world! ZOOLOOK’s eclectic soundscape is like a cosmic journey, where each track is a different planet to explore, and we loved it! This isn’t just an album, it’s an entire universe! From the mesmerizing bass lines to the intricate keyboard sequences, ZOOLOOK crafts a sound that’s both deeply rooted in tradition and boldly futuristic. With influences from icons like Eno and Depeche Mode, ZOOLOOK creates a unique dub culture that’s as incredibly immersive and boldly futuristic.



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