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Musikepool | ZOOLOOK’s “Stonefrenge: Black in Space” – Song-by-Song Review

ZOOLOOK | Musikepool - ZOOLOOK’s “Stonefrenge: Black in Space” – Song-by-Song Review

ZOOLOOK – Musikepool

Stonefrenge: Black in Space – Song-by-Song Review

Soul Rebel” kicks off the album with a powerful blend of dub and reggae. The track is an anthem of defiance and self-empowerment, featuring deep bass lines and rhythmic drum patterns. ZOOLOOK’s use of layered vocals and atmospheric synths adds depth to the song, making it a compelling introduction to the album. The title track, “Stonefrenge,” is an eclectic mix of electronic music and traditional dub elements. It stands out with its hypnotic beats and captivating melodies. The song’s intricate production showcases ZOOLOOK’s ability to blend different genres seamlessly. The animated music video further enhances the experience, drawing listeners into the album’s overarching narrative. “Lo-Fi IRIE Feeling” brings a laid-back vibe to the album with its mellow grooves and soothing rhythms. The track is a nod to ZOOLOOK’s reggae influences, featuring smooth guitar riffs and gentle percussion. It’s a perfect chill-out song that provides a nice contrast to the more energetic tracks on the album. With “Natural High,” ZOOLOOK explores the realms of funk and jazz. The song is characterized by its groovy bass lines and funky keyboard solos. It’s an upbeat and infectious track that showcases ZOOLOOK’s versatility as a musician. The lively arrangement and catchy hooks make it a standout on the album.



STONEFRENGE: Black in Space

“HAL-LE” is a dynamic track that fuses elements of electronic music with dub. The song’s pulsating beats and driving bass lines create an energetic and immersive experience. ZOOLOOK’s skillful production shines through, making it a high-energy highlight of the album. Closing out the album, “Rockers” is a return to ZOOLOOK’s reggae roots with a modern twist. The track features catchy melodies, strong rhythms, and a vibrant energy that leaves a lasting impression. It’s a fitting conclusion to the album, encapsulating the diverse influences and innovative spirit that define “Stonefrenge: Black in Space.” “Stonefrenge: Black in Space” is a masterful collection of songs that showcase ZOOLOOK’s talent for blending genres and creating immersive musical experiences. Each track offers something unique, making the album a journey through different sounds and emotions. It’s a testament to ZOOLOOK’s artistry and a must-listen for fans of innovative music.

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