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Artisti Online | ZOOLOOK – Stonefrenge: Black in Space

ZOOLOOK | Artisti Online - Stonefrenge: Black in Space

ZOOLOOK – Artisti Online

Stonefrenge: Black in Space

Have you always dreamed of going into space and exploring the vastness of the universe around us? Well, I have good news for you: you don’t need a spaceship to do it, but a simple device is all you need to play “Stonefrenge: Black in Space” by Zoolook, an all-round artist who has managed to create an album of 9 songs that blend elements and flavors of funk, jazz, dub, reggae and hip hop, expertly mixed together.

The space journey begins with “Soul Rebel”, which kicks off the album with a powerful blend of dub and reggae. Overlapping vocals and atmospheric synths add depth to the song with vaguely “arabic” echoes, a sprint start for the album that sets the stage for a journey without limits and borders. The second track is “Stonefrenge”, an eclectic mix of electronic music and traditional dub elements. The track stands out for its hypnotic rhythms and catchy melodies, where Zoolook shows his extraordinary versatility and his brilliant eclecticism in fusing different musical genres together.


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The third stop on the space journey brings us to “Lo-Fi IRIE Feeling”, which brings a relaxed atmosphere with its soft grooves and soothing rhythms. The track winks at reggae influences and represents a distinguishing element from the other more energetic and “frenetic” tracks on the album. “Natural High” is a song that explores the realms of funk and jazz, entering a different territory than the one explored so far. The song, with an upbeat and contagious sound, is characterized by groovy bass lines and funky keyboard solos.

The atmosphere becomes slightly more disturbing but also more suggestive with “Black in Space”, which deepens and enhances the sci-fi theme of the album. Let’s not forget that we are taking a virtual and musical journey into space! The synthesizers and echoing voices of the song create a sense of vastness and isolation, the same as when you feel lost in space.


“We Come in Peace (and Love)” is the sixth track on the album, but it is also the best phrase to say in a hypothetical encounter with aliens to communicate our peaceful intentions and establish a civil relationship with a race other than the human one. The song blends reggae and dub with a message of harmony, releasing positive vibrations into the air that evoke peaceful coexistence.

The space exploration continues with “Lost in Space”, which begins with strange electronic sounds, typical of an alien spaceship. The synthesizers, accompanied by a slow rhythm, convey a sense of search and longing. It is a contemplative piece that invites the listener to reflect on his journey through life and the cosmos.

The penultimate stop before returning to base is “HAL-LE”, a dynamic track that blends elements of electronic music with dub music. The song’s pulsating rhythms create a truly immersive and captivating experience. The space journey ends with “Rockers” , a return to Zoolook’s reggae roots, but with a modern twist. The perfect conclusion to this album that mixes different influences and that testifies to the innovative spirit of this artist on the launch pad.

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