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ZOOLOOK | Soul Rebel – Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory #742 – Visions

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Visions… with tracks by…Clark Naito, J B Kings, Orgonon Sound Machine, High Step Society, Cold Water Swimmers, Rorschack, Seine, Fields Ohio, Fryvolic Art, Spookyfish, Kanka & Art-X, Renards de Renom, Zoolook


Clark Naito – Talking Dentaku [Gorge]

J B Kings – CheckMate [RDX Promo]

Orgonon Sound Machine – Pattern 1 [Soisloscerdos]

High Step Society – Moonlight Creep [Gravitas]

Cold Water Swimmers – Everything We’ve Ever Had We’ve Had to Fight For [Puffer Fish Press]

Rorschack – Shanghai Blues [Jumpsuit Records]

Seine – Peripetija [Bandcamp]

Fields Ohio – Little Olive Talisman Tree [Bandcamp]

Fryvolic Art – Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar [Bonimedia]

Spookyfish – Afraid of Water (DSRPTV Remix) [DSRPTV Rec]

Kanka & Art-X – Visions [ODG]

Renards de Renom – Comète [La Souterraine]

Zoolook – Soul Rebel [RDX Promo]

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