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ZOOLOOK on SPOTIFY 2019 Wrapped

ZOOLOOK, the mixed media artist, received his SPOTIFY 2019 Wrapped today.

According to SPOTIFY, ZOOLOOK had some standout moments in 2019. The single, ‘Trod’, had 56,600 Streams while the ep, ‘HITLESS’ has 12,900 streams. ZOOLOOK songs moved fastest at 3pm on July 24. ZOOLOOK songs were streamed 8,379 hours in 2019 which is equivalent to 11 months of listening.

Fans of ZOOLOOK chose to listen to his music over sleep 1,756 hours in 2019. That’s a collective sleep debt of more than 250 nights (based on 7 hours of sleep per night.)

ZOOLOOK’s music also took a world tour. From Australia to Portugal, ZOOLOOK was heard in 49 countries. (That’s like an AUX cord stretching 11,214 miles.)

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