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ZOOLOOK | IRIE – Intergalactic Rebels for Interstellar Exploration

ZOOLOOK | IRIE - Intergalactic Rebels for Interstellar Exploration

It’s official! Multidisciplinary artist and musician Nicholas Da Silva, known professionally as ZOOLOOK, received the US Copyright registration for his IRIE Meatball logo design today. IRIE, the acronym for Intergalactic Rebels for Interstellar Exploration, is the space program created by ZOOLOOK for his STONEFRENGE: Black in Space animated series.

As of September 23, 2023, fans and newcomers of the multidisciplinary artist and musician can be immersed in ZOOLOOK’s world of sci-fi animation and dub reggae music.

The official STONEFRENGE store will have exclusive merchandise, including apparel, wall art, music, NFT opportunities, and more. All STONEFRENGE merch will also be available on the official ZOOLOOK store at

ZOOLOOK first coined the word STONEFRENGE in 2012 while brainstorming the planet name for his animated character creation, the Cavedudez, and Cavebettiez. Inspired by his love for the Ancient Aliens series on the HISTORY Channel, he began developing what started as a flash storytelling competition into a universe featuring his characters.

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