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ZOOLOOK accepted into the Sacramento Artist Roster

ZOOLOOK accepted into the Sacramento Artist Roster

ZOOLOOK accepted to the Sacramento Office of Arts + Culture – City Of Sacramento Artist Roster for February 2021 – December 2025. ZOOLOOK will be retained on the Roster until it expires at the end of December 2025.

How the Roster will be used:

Your accepted application will be included in any new calls for projects that the Sacramento Public Art Program publishes.

A traditional Artist Roster for a Public Art Program is made up of Public Art Artists and Studio Artists. Beyond the quality and experience, artists selections for projects are made considering two other factors – the appropriateness of the artwork for a municipal collection and the project site, as well as inclusion of artists that reflect our diverse community. Public artworks can be commission to be permanent or temporary, lasting for an evening or less than a year. Studio artworks may be a direct purchase or commissioned for the City’s portable collection which is found in public buildings and public spaces.