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Rockers F.C. Home Kit 2023/2024 NFT Drop

ZOOLOOK | Rockers F.C. NFT Collection Drop

Rockers F.C. Home Kit 2023/2024 NFT Drop

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ZOOLOOK drops his first NFT Collection featuring his Rocker F.C. club. The collection features 1 of 1 nfts for the 25-member coed football club of STONEFRENGE.

Meet the Rockers F.C., the official football club on planet STONEFRENGE, where football is life. The Rockers F.C. is a coed football club featuring Cavedudez and Cavebettiez playing the beautiful game together.

Every year, the Rockers F.C. present their kits (three) for the new season:

A Home Kit is the primary kit that the team wears for home matches. It usually features the team’s traditional colors and design.

An Away Kit is worn when the team is playing an away match and the colors of their home kit clash with the opposing team. It often has a different color scheme or design than the home kit.

The Third Kit is used when the home and away kits clash with the opposing team. The third kit is usually more unique and may feature different colors or design elements.


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