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IRIE Magazine’s Halloween edition features
Dread & Alive: Nine Night

Irie™ Magazine | October 2018 Halloween Edition featuring Dread & Alive®: Nine Night™

IRIE Magazine's Halloween edition features Dread & Alive: Nine Night

IRIE™, the international reggae magazine for everything roots rock reggae music, today released its October 2018 World Reggae edition (#05.10) of IRIE™ featuring Dread & Alive® on the cover!

This special Halloween edition of IRIE introduces the next story arc in the Dread & Alive series entitled Nine Night™!

The Dread & Alive series introduces several new characters that are inspired by artists in the reggae industry. These artists are featured in the RESPECT section and include Xana Romeo, Ziggi Man, Miss Lulú, Javier Fonseca, Christos DC, Darryl B, Michelle and Nico.

Our ROOTS feature remembers Jamaican National Heroine, Queen Nanny of the Maroons while our ROCK feature shines a spotlight on the Asante Kingdom.

Our RELEASES feature brings us the second official track from the Dread & Alive (KINDAH™) series, a dub track by Christos DC featuring Tippy I entitled ‘Still Living Dub’!

We will see you next week with the Cali Reggae edition of IRIE. As always, remember to keep it ROOTS, ROCK, REGGAE and RESPECT, Mon!

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