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Dread & Alive featured on Jamaica Animation Nation Network – Caribbean Comics

Dread & Alive mentioned on Jamaica Animation Nation Network - Caribbean Comics

Dread & Alive™ is featured on Jamaica Animation Nation Network’s (JANN) article on Caribbean Comics!

JANN writes… “The first issue of Dread & Alive was launched on February 6, 2010 (Bob Marley’s 65th earthday) in both digital and print versions. The story follows Drew McIntosh, the Roaring Lion, who confronts the evils of Babylon — illegal smugglers, human traffickers, illegal loggers (this IS fiction) among the Maroons in Jamaica’s Cockpit Country.” (Kam-au Amen, 2010).

I first heard about this back in 2010 on a local TV station called Television Jamaica or TVJ for short. It was fascinating because I had never seen a comic with Jamaican themes being sold commercially in the international space before this. It was a big deal back then and was hoped to inspire the birth of more commerical comic book projects.

According to Kam-au Amen, 2010, it was a bit disappointing that there was barely any “Patwa” in the language. Whether or not that is what affected the comic’s popularity or whether it was just ahead of its time is yet to be known, but the comic is still a collectors item we recommend getting your hands on if you get a chance.

What is even more inspiring is that the owner back in 2010 dedicated 30% of electronic sales and 10% of print sales to Help Jamaica to help build and support libraries in Jamaica. That is no longer the case however, but great initiative none the less. You can still pick up a copy of the first edition on Amazon.

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