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Groovin Mood | “Soul Rebel”: ZOOLOOK releases the first single from the graphic novel “Dread & Alive: Nine Night”

ZOOLOOK | Groovin Mood

Soul Rebel is featured on Groovin Mood, the Brasilian website for Reggae, Sound System, Afrobeat, and more… Dani Pimenta is a journalist, cultural producer, curator, and music researcher. She is the founder of Groovin Mood. Dani has her finger on the pulse for trends and news of independent world music. ZOOLOOK invites you to read […]

Culture Dub | Nicholas Da Silva aka Zoolook – Dread & Alive – Reggae, Jamaica & Comic Books!

ZOOLOOK | Culture Dub

Nicholas Da Silva , founder of Irie magazine , well known to Jamaican music lovers, who works as an artist under the name Zoolook , avid comic book enthusiast and avid reader of science fiction, created “ Dread & Alive ”, a comic which combines culture and fiction, whose hero Drew McIntosh , descendant of […]

ZOOLOOK | Pocketgamer – Sony’s handheld has a dark and geeky secret

ZOOLOOK | Pocketgamer - Sony’s handheld has a dark and geeky secret

The premise of Agent HITLESS is nothing to get too excited about: Superpowered vigilantes on the run from the evil corporations that gave them their superpowers are bread and butter in the world of comics. But even an unoriginal story told well can do much more than hold its own, and Agent HITLESS proves to be an entertaining frame […]